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Within the first few chapters of Designing Your Life, we have learned a great deal of how to make the right decisions in our lives that would result in an overall better outcome in regards to how we live our lives in hopes for it being a successful one. I would like to further analyze the workview concept because I feel that it plays a huge role in our lives. As explained in the text, “a workview should address the critical issues related to what work is and what it means to you. It is not just a list of what you want from or out of work, but a general statement of your view of work. It’s your definition for what good work deserves to be”(34). When we think of work, we usually associate with verbs such as “boredom or draining” because work is not necessarily thought to be something fun. It is not entirely fulfilling in which most people do not work for entertainment but they work in order to be able to provide for themselves and/or their families financially. Work is not subject to office work or being out in the actual field in general. Work can also be associated with schoolwork. Speaking from my own perspective, my work consists of a combination between schoolwork and office work with me being a full-time student as well as a student employee and leader.

In regards to the questions that the workview may address, the last question really stuck out to me the most. The question was, “What do experience, growth, and fulfillment have to do with it?” The more that you work, the more experience you will gain. I personally have never actually had an outside job but my experience with work study here at Rosemont has been a good one. Having started my freshman and currently working the office, I would say that I have also grown with how much experience I have developed. The tasks that I am given can be tedious and time consuming but I know that with all of the different tasks that I am given, it results in me developing new skills and it is also a great resume builder. Considering the environment of The Office of Student Life, I am able to prevent myself from being stressed about the work that I am given and I am also generally comfortable with all of the people that I am surrounded be which is very important.




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Brandi Daniels

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